Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I go to lunch at noon on a daily basis and try to catch WCSG which airs Family Life Today at that time. If you've never heard of Family Life Today, they broadcast a wide range of family topics/discussions for half an hour that are mind-blowing and simply FULL of Godliness!! Today's was exceptionally unbelievable....

 In a nutshell, the broadcast began with the hosts talking about a young lady that had tried to take her own life by laying down on train tracks and being run over by the train. She endured 30 freight cars passing over her body at 55 mph all while conscious! I am tearing up again writing this! I cried the entire 30 minutes of this program! Her story is amazing!! I have posted the youtube link of her interview with Oprah and ordered the FLT interview on cd and her book listed below! I am planning on discussing and showing her story to my girls in Sunday School! God is AMAZING!! Check this eXtraordinary girl out!!!

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